Although I went hard in the gym I didn't feel complete. The time I spent there felt like a complete waste as I didn't feel anything. Sore. Nope. 

So I took to instagram for some assistance, this is what I posted:

"Ever go to the #gym and feel like u did nothing? Yup.... I need some tips for #legday ... on the machines I pushed up to 65-80 lbs. #trx I'm using my own weight.... I feel it in my arms the next day but don't notice a difference in my #legs #gymadvice#weighttraining"

These are the repsonses I received: 
  • Squat machine/ bench pressing - at 200lbs for 12/10/8 times a calf machine at 135lbs for 12/10/8 times some thigh machine at 80-100lbs for. 12/10/8 times and cardio
  • You need to up your weight by a lot. If you can do 15 reps then your lifting to light. In order to feel something you need to be able to squat like 3 max. Try doing lunges with 15-20lb barbells.
  • Yeah I agree. If you find it to easy up the weight some. Although I've heard of people doing weights two different ways lightening the load and doing more reps or going heavier and shorter reps. You gotta find what works for you =) by  FATGIRLMEETSFITWORLD (remember I posted about her in my "Day 13!" super awesome that she responded to my tag!

    One of my friends also tagged me in a lot of Instagram tutorials and it was SOOOO helpful!

    THIS is what I needed and was wanting, as it regards my previous entry "day 13." 
I'm definitely planning to incorporate these suggestions into my future workouts!

Water: 90 oz

2 pb& j sandwiches on wheat, almond milk
steamed cauliflower, soy cheese, left over pad thai
soy cheese, steamed cauliflower, morning star bacon, black eye peas (my husband makes THEE best black eye peas! yum)

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Keanna Cliche said...

Black eyed peas yumm. You are still going strong!! I did see that fatgirlmeetsfitworld responded on IG. Thats awesome! I just started following here,,she has come a long way!!

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