Yes Please and I'm loving it!!! Did Leg Day w/ NO Cardio and I'm impressed with my calorie burn. Squats kill me and Deadlifts are my bane! Planning to work on  my form, so lifting in front of a mirror is crucial so I can monitor everything.

I felt like an idiot watching YouTube clips to figure out moves but you know what forget those who laugh! Gotta start from somewhere and I pushed myself harder and lifted heavier! The lightest weight was 40lbs on the barbell for my squats and 80 for the machines. The heaviest was 140!!

Sore but feeling good. Can't wait to do arms tomorrow and might throw in some StairMaster.

Water: 120oz

Morning Star Bacon, Back Eye Peas, white Rice
Homemade Taco soup -- mixture of beans & potatos- tortilla chips

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Keanna Cliche said...

Good job! I never really do "leg day" but Dale does...he needs at least 1 day of rest in between leg day and work when he's done lol

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