I like to say I'm ballin on a budget or that I'm a temporarily employed expatriate, but times are hard. So never in my wildest dreams did I think a Monday evening could be so chaotic. My advice to you sappy travelers, do your homework --especially when it comes to traveling outside the EU/Open Borders. Having a passport just won't cut it for some countries. These countries have STRICT visa entry rules, and no matter your nationality or if the USA is allies with them, they won't bend the rules.

Yes, I think it was amazingly stupid and a direct rip-off. Sure I could've phoned for the Embassy or Consulate. But what if they told me the same thing? Perhaps Russia should have a transit bus, for those types of issues.

Or I shouldn't have been cheap and purchased TWO separate tickets. It cost me more in the long run. So another tip, just buy a direct flight... OR research your options.

If I could re do it. I'd totally would've researched my options and more than likely still bought separate tickets, but they would have been for the right airport. And, I wouldn't have a suitcase STILL in Germany.


So I learned my lesson the hard way. Now, I leave you with my theme music for my Chaotic Russland Trip, courtesy of GLEE Season One, Sectionals.

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