Editors Note: I dearly apologize but these postings will be looking all sorts of crazy-- infused with slandering, cussing, and major abuse directed to the international community. It was written in the heat of battle and I take nothing back! However, I am definitely looking into a career change... perhaps International Relations is not my forte?? ENJOY! :)

March 28:


Can nothing in my life begin calmly? But, what would be the fun in that? I arrive to Nuremberg/NUE airport with 40 minutes to spare only to find that I'm eligible for only one suitcase of 20kils, and my second suitcase of 22kilos would force me to pay 200euros. No Bueno, my Friends. The issue at hand, I booked 2 separate flights, so according to the GE monitor I was flying domestic. When I was really flying International.

 Luckily, my now former roommate hadn't left and I was able to consolidate my items and pay only 30euros. However, this meant that I would have to forgo the necessities of my life, i.e. rain boots, hats, jewelry, hair gel, my wigs, etc.

I never EVER wanna hear complaints about American Airline Companies and their skyrocketing prices, it's still a lot cheaper than GE!

As I attempt to clarify my flight while I'm still in a country that speaks moderately good (yes I know I repeated myself there) English, I'm told that I will have no issue entering Russia due to my being there for less than/then 24 hours. SCORE! After a semi-tear filled goodbye I depart for Berlin/TXL.

I would like to state here, how I spend the first 15-20 minutes of every flight: I pray fervently to God and ask for His Blessings on my trips, for nothing dramatic to occur, or life threatening to happen en route. That the pilot/flight attendants and all that handle the plane (departure/arrivals) are awake, sober, not lust crazed, and competent. I also pray that the my fellow (stupid) passengers turn off their electronic toys and don't decide to terrorize the plane.

Thankfully, I made it to Berlin safely. I had a 4 hour layover, and than I began my trip to Moscow/DME.

That's where the Drama began!

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