Editors Note: I dearly apologize but these postings will be looking all sorts of crazy-- infused with slandering, cussing, and major abuse directed to the international community. It was written in the heat of battle and I take nothing back! However, I am definitely looking into a career change... perhaps International Relations is not my forte?? ENJOY! :)

Part 4

March 29
8:05am German Time

I arrive in GE. I go through passport control. They ask why I'm here, I say to catch a connecting flight to Russia. They ask when I'm leaving I say within 6 hours. They scratch their heads, and than ask. Didn't you just come from Russia. I said yea, but I needed a visa to go 10 minutes down the road. The look at me. Shake their heads and say enjoy Germany.

Next, I find Air Berlin -- where I'm assisted with the information that the connecting flight is at an airport that is 20 minutes away. I hop in a taxi where I pay nearly 50euro, looking back I should've just looked to see if there was an bus going that direction, but I wanted to get to that airport ASAP JIC there weren't many seats left to Moscow/SVO. But seriously, who goes to Moscow?? The plane (Russian Airlines, Aeroflot) is departing at 9:45am, and with minutes to spare I withdraw euro from an ATM (praying to God that I won't over draw my account).

The lady at the counter was helpful in general but the lack of her English and my German, bogged us down for atleast 20 minutes. She kept telling me there was no flight, I kept saying there was. Apparently, She was under the impression that I already booked my flight.


So, after I potentially overdrew my checking & credit cards. I called my mother and asked her to deposit monies into my checking account. I really hate to see the phone bill from these past two days.

Now I am the flight headed to Moscow/SVO. Here's to Praying everything goes right.

The flight lands safely, this airport is so much nicer than the other (DME). It's cleaner and the people are helpful AND speak English. Things always look better in the day light!

So as I begin my already dreary 5-8 hour layover, I laugh. Looking out the window I can see the other airport/DME. I think I should be hysterical right now. It's seriously no more than a 4 minute drive. I'm in the bloody red up to the wazoo. Why? Why? Why?!!! It's RIGHT there!!

PS. ya'll should see this jazzy old man trying to mack on the bartender.


The flight to Seoul/ICN begins now. The plane is a bit delayed but what-ev. I pray everything goes safely and that these Russian mob-look-a-likes don't take over the plane, and that my seat-mate turns off his android. Jerks.

After, consuming a wonderful airline meal (no seriously it was good!) and taking 2 Drama-Mines (??) I wake to find myself in Seoul. Everything looks so foreign, it's unreal!

My friend meets me about 30 minutes later and now off I go to leave my European adventures behind. Hello to Asia!

Thanks for Reading!!

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