Editors Note: I dearly apologize but these postings will be looking all sorts of crazy-- infused with slandering, cussing, and major abuse directed to the international community. It was written in the heat of battle and I take nothing back! However, I am definitely looking into a career change... perhaps International Relations is not my forte?? ENJOY! :)


So, as I sit in the holding cell aka transit area I'm torn between crying and killing people. Luckily, in the holding cell I meet a hot Brazilian dude who is on his way to Austria. The thing that brings us together is our lack of Visas. GRRR

So, I sit next to the Brazilian who laments about being in the holding cell for 10 hours! So here's his story. He had a visa but it expired, so now he can't leave the airport/holding cell until his flight. But due to the major mix up in communication he missed his original flight, and had to book another flight (sounds familiar-- seriously the US should take notes in regards to handling illegal immigration. No one would ever come back to our country if we did it like Russia... jerks).


So, back to me. I paid 161.99euro to go back to Berlin/TXL at 6am (THANK GOD FOR CREDIT CARDS) But that seriously grinds my gears! According to my conversions, the airport I need to fly too is 62 feet away. Another sucky thing, is that the actual ticket price was 96.99euro but the service charge cost me more than a grip. I feel like I got gypped. Seriously, when I was in Germany/NUE and they were clarifying details, how come they didn't notice this potential problem. and I know I already said this but I just want to reiterate that I have to buy a ticket BACK to Moscow/SVO.

Fucking Ridiculous and these workers of DME & RBP are so damn rude. They laugh at the customers misery, ignore the ones with questions, pretend they can't speak English ---I'm sorry if you're an international airport shouldn't your Representatives speak flipping English! But seriously, this girl pulled out her mirror -No she wasn't an AKA-- to fix her makeup while the Brazilian dude pleaded for her help. The workers seemed more concerned with looking jazzy than helping the CUSTOMERS! Or, when I needed my itinerary for my continuing travel --every good traveler should have one-- the RBP dude got in my face yelling "I SAY, I SAY, I SAY." Ok Holmes, you may say but I will go upside your head with a quickness. By this point I was willing to be thrown in jail or sent to the embassy. Although, after speaking with my mom she definitely cautioned me in staying calm, seeing as how my family can't just fly over and get me out of Russian jail. That phone call lasted quite a while. She had to calm me cuz I tend to do crazy things.


Oh shit, the adrenaline is rushing in my body! I had to American on they ass! Don't tell me to sit down when my flight is doing a last boarding call. Who do you think they are calling?? ME DUH! I jumped up with a quickness and basically ran down to the Border Police office and demanded they take me to my flight! The Air Berlin Representative informed me earlier, that I would be escorted onto the plane by the RBP, who would than give me my ticket/baggage info and my passport. My flight was to leave at approx. 6am) .. yea this is something of the crazy things my mother cautioned against. I don't think she would've been proud.

No, but seriously me and this woman was gonna box like fucking Ali and a buttercup. I was too heated, that these fools were taking their lily sweet time. Our jailer in the holding cell ran after me, grabbed and yanked me back upstairs, screaming at me. I gave back just as good. You can yell as loud as you want in Russian and I will yell back just as loudly. I refuse to be stranded in the God-forsaken place! I showed out and went off! BUT, I bet you the RBP escorted me to my airline with a quickness.

I even got cheeky on the way out. Yelling in the jailers face "CIAO, CIAO!" .. Had a big ass grin on my face as I got taken away.Of course the foolishness didn't end right there. When I reached for my passport and information papers, he gives it to the flight attendant instead and gives me a dirty look. My shoe, his knee. It almost happened. However, the GERMAN flight attendant was very soothing. I was so heated. I'm trying to calm down but I def need a drink cuz I've been awake since 10:30am of March 28.

Wonderfully, I got a entire row to myself on the flight back to Berlin/TXL. I was knocked out.

PS. When I finally left, the Brazilian guy was still there. Due to the utter disregard for their passengers/customers/international relations. He missed his flight again.

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