Editors Note: I dearly apologize but these postings will be looking all sorts of crazy-- infused with slandering, cussing, and major abuse directed to the international community. It was written in the heat of battle and I take nothing back! However, I am definitely looking into a career change... perhaps International Relations is not my forte?? ENJOY! :)

March 29:

It all happened as we began to land in Moscow/DME. The turbulence, the massive crowds of air line passengers struggling to get off the air craft. It all boils down to these key things.

1. I need to get my luggage
2. I need to check in for my flight to South Korea (SK) and get a boarding pass.
3. I think I need to go through passport control???

Let's just say none of this happens. The Russian Border Police (RBP) are confused as to why I don't have a visa, and as to how I got there.

Do you know what is frustrating? That another passenger had to translate for me to the RBP. I'm just not understanding the worlds refusal to acknowledge English as the dominant global language. DO I LOOK LIKE I SPEAK RUSSIAN?!!?!?!?!

The only good thing about the delaying of my obtaining information is that its now 2:45am and my flight doesn't depart until 9:35pm. I just hope my baggage doesn't get stolen cuz there will be hell to pay.

Right now I'm watching them make copies of my passport and verify someone else's with some kind of eye scanner. Oh, no she didn't! She just told me to shoo. Oooh!

15 minutes later:

WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL??!! If I could politely apply thumbscrews to someone (preferably Russian) my life would be SO wonderful! According to the Russian Airport/DME or really my Air Berlin Representative --who spoke wonderful English--, my connecting flight/SVO is less than 100 meters away. 10 minutes walking! Because of --they lack the proper resources, i.e. terminal buses or more importantly OPEN BORDERS --  this I can't leave the airport due to lacking a a visa! A visa to walk down the m-effing STREET!

Which means, are you ready??? I have to FLY BACK ... to GERMANY!!! And than FLY BACK to the exact airport in MOSCOW/SVO! This has become the most frustrating morning of my existence.

PS. I have to pay for each flight. Yep. WITH what bloody money?!!!

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