Crochet Braids with Marley Hair Review

If you are in the Fort Riley, KS area or attend Kansas State University, definitely check out Attention Please Hair Salon.

The lady who did my hair was NOT heavy handed, she listened to me, and was able to handle my being High Maintenance because she was natural herself, she didn't give me the side eye when I kept spritzing my hair/scalp with water and had a wide tooth comb.

I was charged $90 to get my hair done.
I tipped $10. 
I paid $6 for the hair. I used 2 packs.
It took less than 4 hours. 

The lady braided my hair in a circle with Kanekalon hair.

Hair Used:
Ya Man! Afro Kinky Marley Braid
100% Kanekalon fiber
Color: M1B/33
-- The color in the pack looks dark...but in really good lighting, its a lighter brown with golden lights. Next time I'm getting 1B

*******I forgot to take pictures of it before it was cut. Sorry. *********

the top looks kinda fake but when I manuver it doesnt look like it so much

This is the second day of wearing the hair. I've already slept on it.. The hair grows ya'll .. and don't let the wind touch it cuz than its ov-ah haha

Tell me what you think.

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