30 Day Push Goal Challenge: Day 1

Yesterday, my boss asked me what was my ultimate career goal. I was at a loss because when I think about the past 9 years I've accomplished the majority of my dreams. I graduated from college, I traveled throughout most of Western Europe and a bit of Asia. I'm married and in graduate school to become an Academic Advisor. So what else is there? I asked my boss, do I need new goals? She laughingly replied "No, you just need to build off of them."

Talking to another graduate student 30 minutes later and while discussing her career and personal goals, I sat there stupefied, the only thing I had somewhat in common is that we both felt like we've accomplished a lot in our short lives, but the difference was she had more goals and ideas and I... well. I felt lacking and if there's one thing about me is that I hate to lack something.

It's so interesting that today I started Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Push Challenge, and for Day 1, she asks:

My Goals:

Its crazy that I don't have a concrete answer? I'm constantly comparing my goals on the basis of superficiality. But that's crazy right? Or is it even crazier that I don't have goals.... I mean I do but I don't.

Like I want to have a successful Youtube channel and Blog. I want to be super fit and retain my hair growth. I think I want to inspire people. I also want to learn how to re-connect with people I'm not fond of in my family. Maybe as we have matured we can talk easier ... or maybe there is a reason why we aren't close.

Career wise- I want to work in student affairs/academic advising, and re-shape university academic structures......annnnd 3 languages... and work internationally and travel. Guess I do have some goals.

My Values/Most Important:

I value honesty and frankness. I value having a job/career that I can be happy in. I am important to me. My happiness and my relationship with God. My husband is important to me and I want to be a good and Godly wife. My family and friends are important. Community service is important to me.

What do I want people to remember me by:

I think this is what scares me the most. When I'm dead will people remember me? I just hope to impact one person and just know that "I was Here"....

Guiding Principles: I think I have new guiding principles since college. I'm against burning bridges and discarding potential networking due to personality differences. I'm trying not to judge on appearances or perceived qualities.

Things that feel like a calling for me? Traveling, International Relations, Marriage, Motivating people (admittedly I need to work on my people skills lol ), Working with college students, and having fun lol .. I think I might retire as a librarian.

Hmm...this was fun ...scary and challenging but kinda fun. I'm a bit in shock perhaps? lol

Time for some tea to reflect a bit more.

Thanks, Chalene.

ps. stay tuned for Day 2's report of the #30daypush :)
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*************CHALENE UPDATE*******
"PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Your goals MUST have clearly defined measure. I'm so excited to read your GOALS for 2013, but I'm seeing a BIG PROBLEM! ***GOALS THAT ARE TOO VAGUE***

To truly be successful at goal mastery, make sure your goals meet the following criteria:

1. They should be written in first person and thought of as if you've already accomplished them. "I am fit and running 3x a week." vs "start running."

2. Goals need clearly defined measure... like a number of days you're exercising, amount you've saved, percentage of body fat, earnings per week, contacts per day, resumes sent per week. Goals need numbers. "I have lost 25 pounds" vs "I will lose weight."

3. Set reasonable but aggressive timeframes. We all work BEST with short term, pressing deadlines: "I am saving $200 per week." vs "save more."

Take a look at your goals list. Rewrite it in first person. Add measure and a shorter deadline! If your PUSH goal is to save $52,000 this year, then rewrite your goal to say ..."I have cut out all needless spending, kicked up my focus on my business, and I am saving $1,000 per week!" --Chalene Johnson, 1/5/12

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