30 Day Push Goal Challenge: Day 2

How to determine your priorities:

So it's been over a week since I began the 30 day challenge and true to form I fell off the wagon. I really didn't want too but I just felt so overwhelmed with life...and blah blah blah. I HAD thought I was taking the bull by the horns due to creating a color coded schedule for working out, work, school work, hobbies, and life. Kinda realized I went over-board when my printer went schitzo on me. eek

Like most experts, Chalene says "it takes 21 days of consistency to create a habit. But what's the point if you haven't learned how to create the best possible habit?"... Which ties into why I'm posting today: Chalene ask's "The first step, the step that so many people neglect in our fast-paced world is to determine what you want! What are your priorities? It sounds so obvious, but you won't believe how many of us forget to ask this of ourselves. What do you really want? What is meaningful to you?"

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH was my original response lol. Now my more educated response :)

Chalene says: "1. Priority Brainstorm: Use the area below to list any and all areas of importance to you in your life today. The bigger the list the better! Think about what makes you happy, what gives you pride, what you wish to be remembered by at the end of your life, what you want people to know was most important to you. Consider what makes you feel good about yourself, gives you confidence and what gives you pride."

  • 1. What makes me happy is living my life. 
  • 2. What gives me pride is when I think outside the box and go beyond my comfort level. 
  • 3. I wish to be remembered as person who lived-- who was honest, frank, compassionate, comfortable, internationally savvy. 
  • 4. My priority is my happiness and not being stagnant OR being forced to settle for what others assume I should be happy with. 
  • 5.My priority is loving God and being a Godly wife... 
  • 6. I'm confident when around open-minded people and I don't have to alter my way of thinking or living or having to assimilate to make others comfortable --racially, ethnically, spiritually, gender-wise, socially, physically, mentally... etc.
Chalene says: "2. Now star the top five areas of importance to you."

  • I think I only mentioned five! lol ok so it was 6.. I guess I'd cut #2, because its similar to #6. 

Chalene says: "3. Next, write down your top three priorities in no particular order– Use just a few words like, “faith”, “family”, “Helping the underprivileged” , “Creating financial security for my family” “Helping others” “My health and fitness”, etc. "

  • God/Me
  • Marriage
  • Living Happily

Chalene says: "4. Rewrite the above list in order of importance to you." 

  • My number one priority -- God/Me
  • My number two priority --Marriage
  • My number three priority --- Living Happily

Chalene says: "5. Take the priority you’ve listed as number one and complete the following statements: The reason why I have placed the greatest importance on this area of my life is because:" 

  • God is Love and I crave love.  He is everything I aspire to become and when I praise Him I feel calm and safe.
Chalene says: " I will honor my number one priority by vowing to do my best to always:"
  • Learn more about his Word, treating others kindly, Loving and Living my life and family. Loving myself and making sure I have mental clarity and physical fitness. 
Chalene says: The following action(s) would be inconsistent with my commitment to my number one priority: To honor my number on priority I will limit:"
  • Adultery, Unfriendly behaviors --instead of refusing to interact with individuals, give them a chance , not reading the Bible. Refusing to engage personal development due to being "busy."participating in gossip-fests, judging a book by its cover. participate in self-doubt ..slack because I don't see results. 
Chalene says: "To live my life according to my number one priority I need to make the following changes:" 
  • More personal development. If I don't understand the Bible seek aid in interpreting His word. Journal my goals and refuse to slack if I don't see immediate success. 
Chalene says: "6. Be as detailed as possible. Create a Top Priority clarity statement in the space below:" 
  • My number one priority is to love God and the life He has blessed me to live. By taking seriously my academic & professional career; by accepting and loving myself, my husband, my family despite our flaws;and by engaging happiness. If there is something I don't feel supported, trusted, or productive or successful in than it is my duty to make that change AND seek assistance. 
  • Trust my husband with my dreams and aspirations. Get a stronger vocabulary and have better follow-through in my personal life. So many decisions I fling away but today I want to be stronger and finish. My concrete fitness goal is 140 lbs and wearing a size 6. I refuse to munch away on junk food-- I'm focused on getting fired up!!!! Fired Up for Life! 

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