Voting for Social Media

Hey Kids,

I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican. I'm not apart of the Independent, Green, Socialist, Constitution parties; I am simply Moderate. As I'm primarily noncommittal, I like to think I'm not easily swayed by the honey-tongues of politicians. No worries I'm not pessimistic about campaigns or voting. Nor am I disillusioned that polticians will succeed in all their promises.

I'm more interested in the social media aspect at play during our General Election.

As a moderate I am not fan of voting per party lines, because as Boardwalk Empire shows us, no one is above a bribe. In my opinion social media is neutralizing the impact influence and power may have on deciding who wins the election. Voters are taking to Google to research County Commissioners or using Bing to get detailed info about levy's.

Social media may be the end-all for schmoozing as we know it. Supreme Court Justices are being implicated for Campaign Financing... and voters are getting a chance to see beyond the gazillion letters to the heart of the issue. Comparing candidates based on their values, what they have voted for and/or against is becoming a foothold on deciding the election. Voting for President is not the only issue, other positions matter, most especially who is elected for Justice of the Supreme Court, or County Commissioner, and yes State Representatives, County Treasurer. ...

IDK maybe I've watched too much of Boardwalk Empire but I'm just quite skeptical of the rhetoric that voting among party lines will ensure success for whomever is elected president. Need I remind you of recent events? The Defense of Marriage Act got struck down by a Republican judge AND Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. who compromised for ObamaCare. Voting Republican or Democrat is not bad. It just means you're open to the idea that you may not have all the ideas. (wordy I know lol)

Voting for a certain party does not equate success nor does it guarantee that American fundamental rights will be upheld.

I'm not interested in becoming a lawyer or even a judge. I'm just interested in knowing who I'm voting for, their stance on issues, on whether they can be impartial and if the truth aligns with the U.S. Constitution.

I'm sure my grammar & punctuation is all over the place, disregard that and focus on the key thing. Find out who you should vote for. Find out what the issues are. Vote to preserve your liberty and sanity. Vote because it's necessary. So Google candidates. If they don't have a website give their office a call and ask "Why should I vote for you?"

But seriously, its 2012 why don't you have a website, a blog, or a facebook page?! Get It Together Peoples!

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