I was Gypsy for awhile... Can I put it on my Resume?

Hey Kids

Recently, while applying for a graduate school program I was trying to figure out how to list my international experiences in my goals/statements portion. I've also wondered how to list it in my resume. Is it possible to list your experiences without sounding like a braggart or overly technical? Apparently so check out these links below.

PS. There is nothing wrong about bragging about how many stamps you have in your passport :)

PSS. I've been overly despondent since returning back to the USA after a 3 year absence, I can help but bring up Asia & Europe. It's difficult resettling AND moving into such a slow moving environment. This link is very helpful for those in similar situations. http://b2b.meetplango.com/2010/02/next-steps-easing-into-re-entry/

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