The Eagle has Landed

PT walks out her bedroom and the first things out her mouth are "I'm so hungry I want hash-browns." She walks over to the fridge, and sees a Korean flyer "omg FRIED CHICKEN". See this is what happens when you deprive yourself in order to loose weight/get healthy. And you know what, it feels GOOD.. kinda, I really wanted to dip wheat crackers in spinach dip.. yes for breakfast lol

My hubs is so sweet. He got PT a welcome to Korea basket; filled with a bottle of Nuvo, a can of Korean bear, Soju (cheap Korean alcohol), Korean & American chocolate, a card, flowers, and finally a cake..that he didn't know was an icecream cake until it started melting on the table lol. I got PT a mini bottle of Patron. ... I told PT she has a party-girl rep and I think she's perfectly fine with it haha.

Clearly excitement and relaxation has kicked in. I don't start my Leave Without Pay until Friday or Monday, but I'm almost tempted to begin today. So tired of 4 hours of work and all I wanna do is play. Inexpensively play of course.

So PT and I are off too see the sights of Korea but we'll first start the day with 20 minutes of cardio and a fruit/veggie smoothie. yay  -_- :)

PT's arrival in Seoul yesterday

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