Do you absolutely need this (fill in the blank) in your life?

Furniture. Beds. Mattresses. Curtains. Rugs. Chairs. Art works. Cups.

I can't make a decision. My current apartment is not decorated or furnished by my individuality but by of the typical foreigner based apartments. We have butterfly wall paper in one room, a air conditioner with intricately laced flowers, faux wooden floors, all white cabinets, and butterscotch curtains. Oddly enough it fits. I'm not against it. I like my Korean apartment a lot and I could see myself growing into it and supplying it with my personality. Unfortunately we'll be leaving Korea in the next 4 months and resettling elsewhere --location TBA.

 So now my fingers are constantly pinning home decor, comparing color schemes, and pondering why a chair costs 300$. It's hard to live in style. I already have difficulty with decisiveness but its becoming worse because Sam and I are not in unison on what we want.

 HE has an idea, minimalism, muted colors, pictures of us, pillow top mattress, a super comfortable couch, 42' tv, xbox, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, spacious
SHE has an idea, bohemian Parisian, muted colors spiced with oranges & purples, 4-5 dressers/cabinets, a living room with a couch, several chairs, a sitting room, tea sets, art work, painted doors, book shelves etc

Clearly we want specific things. Sam has an issue with clutter. I have an issue with not having enough coat rack stands. Everything I can see myself living. He can't.

Recently we've come to an agreement, when we do move into our new location. We'll get the bare essentials and buy furniture as we live, that way we can save money and aren't forced to buy items we don't geniunely like.

Our current furnishments include:

  • wooden expandable dining room table and 4 wooden side chairs.
  • microwave
  • crock-pot
  • dell desktop
  • dell laptop
  • acoustic guitar
  • pots & pans
  • silverware & cooking ware
  • 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 mugs (all blue), 4 glasses (clear)
  • 1 baking dish
  • armories 
Essentials we need :
  • mattress
  • car
  • dressers

Essentials we want:
  • headboard
  • sofa or sectional
  • chaise ** all me**
  • 30-42' screen tv **all sam**
  • xbox **all sam** .. I'd rather get a wii
  • book shelves
  • coffee tables
  • lamps
  • living room chairs
  • sofa table
  • art work --paintings/posters
  • coat racks
  • rugs
  • accent pillows
  • accent cabinets
  • chandeliers
  • decorative items
  • vases :)
  • leaning mirrors
  • dresser mirrors
  • vanity
  • guest bed
  • cedar chests 
  • arm chairs
  • china cabinet 
  • media cabinet 
  • computer desks & rollie chairs
  • etc, etc, etc, etc,
My bff suggested that since we did not have a wedding, we should have a reception whenever we come back to the states. IDK.. it seems a lot to "ask" of people. I'm also of the gypsy mindset where I don't like to be tied down to material items (excluding my laptop and phone) ... so we'll see.

I'll continue to wander the furniture websites but I'm more interested in thrifting items.... although I'm going to need someone else to refurbish or paint it.

http://pinterest.com/87pages/decor-interior/ <-- my pintrest fantasy
http://www.ourfirst100days.com/2011/12/01/day-30-chief-inspector-of-russia/ <-- home inspection checklist for those moving into a new place

ps. I really like the "Our First Day Blog" I get great insight and relevant topics that are happening in my life or things I'm thinking about. I used sentence from their blog post for my own post.. and even my discussion today is somewhat mentioned in their blog... For instance, the "Monk Chat Room" post concerning :...

On Detachment From Materialism

The second oldest monk, 32, gives us his interesting take on why wearing the saffron robe helps him to refrain from want of possessions.
“When a leaf falls from a tree and dies, it becomes an orange-yellow color. The same color of our robes. Wearing this color is a reminder to me that all things die. I will die, too. There is no need to be attached to anything.”
...this is a great view to have and I know I need to subscribe to it

pss. I may be disenchanted with school but I got a 3.5 for my first graduate semester.. 1 A, 1 B <--- :)

psss. only 16/17 days until my bff PT comes to visit me in SoKo:)

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