3 am bonding moments

Just yesterday I was warm, safe, sleep with my husband. Today I'm sitting at the gate waiting to board for my trip to Cebu. My legs & feet are killing me due to yesterday's excessive hiking adventure. PT and I hiked Mt. Soyasan in honor of loosing carbs but was swept up in the embrace of Buddhism.

May 28 is Buddha's birthday and We were treated with such hospitality and warmth. It was inspiring the laughter we shared as we were moderately encouraged to climb to the top (we tried) and mayhap to enjoy life.

Now 17 hours later I am again encouraged to Carpe Diem. Traveling is a huge passion of mine--budget traveling to be exact... I'm looking forward to my trip and I only wish my husband could attend next time.

Ps. On May 28, we celebrated our 7th month anniversary of marriage. Love u babe :)

Pss. Switching currency at airport blahhh

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