Could you be a patriot for your country?

Result of Finger torture

wax figures in cell
Yesterday PT and I visited the Seodaemun Prison History Hall in Seoul, it was PT's first time visiting a prison museum, a couple years ago I visited Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial site in Germany, yet still I found it unsettling and disturbing that less than 90 years ago people were tortured and killed for no reason at all. Granted it happens today in ways I can't even imagine but to walk in a building or within a solitary cell just makes me feel so.... I don't know. I didn't like it. I couldn't imagine it. Would I have been able to withstand the pressure? Would I have held onto my convictions whilst experiencing finger torture or water boarding? These Koreans were patriots/martyrs for the sake of gaining freedom for Korea. Could I do it?

PT and I agreed that attending the museum definitely made us appreciative and guilty of what we have acquired through life and how we moan about superficial mischievousness. It's day 3 of PT being in Korea and I can't stop thinking, "what would I do" if faced with being bold versus complacent. Is it wrong to be complacent? Is it wrong to be bold?
wax figures in cell

Korean Patriot: Lee Byeong-hee

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