RE: Once You Go White

As we all know, I'm all for interacial dating and so I was geeked when Madame Noire published a piece featuring 10 yummy white guys, that my non-interacial sisters might "swoon over." While I agree with the list, I think it was a bit typical, and wanted to add my two cents!

  1. Gerard Butler: I'm not sure how, but this Scottish born actor didn't hit my radar until the film 300 and than again with P.S. I Love You. His voice is sexy, his eyes magnetic, and his smile. O M Geee!
  2. Kevin McKidd: If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan, than you know Dr. Owen Hunt. He's damaged, rugged, and a surgeon! Beside's all that, Kevin is also Scottish, he's done movies but in my opinion nothing has captulated him to fame faster than G.A. but hopefully that will change soon!
  3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan: No he isn't Scottish, but he was Irish in the film P.S. I Love You. Better known for his stint in Grey's Anatomy as Denny Duquette, Morgan's charm, acting chops, and of course goodlooks will have females drooling over him. I mean have you seen his sexy fight scene with Zoe Saldana in the 2009 flick The Losers. And no that wasn't a question.
  4. Tom Welling: For 10 years he's secretly been Superman and I for one haven't figured out why he hasn't been casted in the films. Like seriously, his smile, eyes, hair, chiseled jaw, his body, his teeth. Sadly, for us this delicious Smallville actor has been married since 2002.
  5. Jensen Ackles: I freely admit I've never seen an episode of Supernatural, but this blonde haired Texan might convince me otherwise.
  6. Jake Gyllenhaal: I don't even wanna know why Taylor Swift was momentarily his girlfriend. But, this man is HOT. I'm a sucker for his pearly whites and his thick hair, but his acting ability is superb! I'm a huge fan!
  7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Now I've been a fan since, Angel in the Outfield and 3rd Rock From The Sun. I don't know what it is about this guy, but he has an effortless way of communicating with the camera and his mild-manner way is completely attractive. If you are still lost about this actor, he made a spectacular comeback in 500 Days of Summer and was in the four-time Oscar winner Inception and  
  8. Hugh Jackman: This Aussie gave a face to Wolverwine and for that we should be thanking him profusely. He's hot, he looks great brooding, and he can hold his own with Beyonce.
  9. Brad Pitt: I'm not sure if people are just afraid of Angelina but let's stop denying the Adonis blood raging through this speciman. He's beautiful, talented, and family oriented! What's not to love?!
  10. Robert Pattinson: Edward Cullen. I think I've made my point.

    Honorable Mentions: James Franco, Jason Segel, Jesse Spencer, Maksim Chmerkovskiy

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