Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2011

As you all may be aware, I'm always searching for a laptop that will suit my busy life of traveling, blogging, vlogging, and writing. I love music and I have my certain shows that is a MUST-WATCH on my TV calender, I need to be able too do this without fear of my computer crashing or overloading. If I could afford it my first choice would be a Mac. But I can't afford it.

Second, I need this computer to be able with me 24/7. So I need something medium size and light. I typically carry my laptop in my purse or bookbag.

I don't want a netbook -- their too small AND there isn't a cd-drive. I need an actual Laptop!

LaptopMag recently posted their top 9 choices for best and worst. I think the results will suprise you.

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