Shopping... Shopping... and more Shopping..

I spent a lot of money within the past 2 days.. my 600$ has been stripped to 320$ 0_0
idk how I'ma fit this all in my suitcases for Germany

so this is what I bought:

American Eagle:

Review: it was pretty costly but I think they will be sturdy and not rip on the inner thighs... if I loose more weight specificially in cutting down my thighs my jeans will be wonderful... all in all i really love the fit and they are so comfortable!

I love the sunglasses... all I need to do is buy some more sunglass cases

Charlotte Russe:

I loooove these boots I've been slobbering over them for the past 5 months.. and I finally aquired them!! yay!!

Forever 21

I bought a slew of these scarves in different colors, a pair of earrings (not listed on website), several head band pieces, and a cute shirt I couldn't find on the website


This cute clutch... I'm obssessed with it.. it's my first clutch EVER

Leather Company:

My heavily soughted leather jacket that is brown.. I'm getting used to it.

Wish List:

I bought the below necklace from some store...


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