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Hello Wooorrllld

So I haven't blogged for awhile. Being in mourning for Michael Jackson (RIP) and tryna get my mind straight for Graduation/Germany has kept me busy.

Currently I'm the Land of Cleve chillin with one of my good friends as she makes the transition to being a college graduate and having a real job. Gosh having a real job is kind of freaky. She has to fill out all sorts of papers and figure out her benefits and she has to pay back her loans. Golly I don't envy her.

I've been here for nearly 2 weeks and it's been kind of boring but I manage to entertain myself with reading historical romances, watching movies, and of course updating my twitter and poetry blog

I've also been experimenting in the kitchen and trying to figure out this cooking thing. I actually find it enjoyable I'm letting go of the "modern woman" idea. Cooking allows me to be creative and I despise myself for not learning when I was younger.

My eyelid keeps twitching. It has decided to twitch on both eyes. According to my self diagnosis via google I have Eyelid Myokymia. It's supposed to occur because of stress but for the life of me I can't figure out what has been stressing me out concurrently (March-July). I think my eyelids just want to cause issues for me.

I have also maintained my pledge of abstinence. Idk what it is about the summer but it has me hornier than a hound dog..but I'm not one to give into temptation unless it was John Mayer or Dwight Howard or Usher or any other hot guy I might harken to come across. :)

I have also decided to make YouTube videos of my hair. It's fun. I have a video up now but it's kinda choppy. But I believe next time it shall go smoother.

In other news I would love to report that I have been successful in maintaining my workout regime. I have taken up belly dancing (via YouTube) and it thoroughly exercises my body. I also am considering Pilate's (via YouTube) but that ish be hurting lol. When I'm not consumed with YouTube I do 45 minutes in the gym, I do a slew of cardio. I'll post my routine in another blog.

Check out a pic of my hotness and my slimness... haven't figured out a method to get my booty back while still loosing my thighs and my tummy. Once I figure it out. I'll share the secret lol

Oh I'm too excited my bubbies (shout out to the Housewives of NJ for that term lol) are getting/looking smaller. Happy Day

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