xoxo Gossip Girl Season Finale

My running commentary as Gossip Girl ends....

"The only who wears a hoodie." -Georgina Sparks.


So its Dan...ugh... Really its Dan. ...

Not Dororta? Not Jenny?!

I guess....... I mean ... but.. siiigh... its Dan. I kinda figured when last week's episode when Dan told Rufus he's been working on his entrance to  the Upper East Side.

But Serena's fine with it.

I'm more excited that Chuck & Blair are married.. but I needed a bigger splash.. and I love their wedding outfits. I'm glad Serena looks blah.

So Gossip Girl is dead.

BUT WAIT... the writers said WAIT until the last 10 minutes...as I sit here watching the Carrie Diaries (maybe I'll check that out in the Spring).. I'm wondering who REALLY is Gossip Girl. They tied this up way to neatly.... wayyy to neatly.

Maybe it was Lily.. and what happened with the Lily/William/Ivy story?? Please don't tell me William get's Lily.. Rufus get your woman back... but I need this Gossip Girl to continue.

sigh.. what the heck man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and why is Jack being so helpful??? There are so many tie-in's that I just want to fix... know... sigh I just might be really sad that Gossip Girl is ending.

I've been watching GG since its inception AND read the books first..

FIVE YEARS LATER??? umm they better make this a movie.

and did anyone Graduate from College??

awww they had a son! I love it. yay for a momentary return of Jenny & Eric!....

so Dan marries Serena.. whatever.. Lily gets with William.. I guess... Who the heck is Rufus with? Georgina with Jack?....

So now there's a new GG... hmmm I guess I'm excited they grew up but I noticed Nate didn't have a date.... and I kinda missed the bit about the Ivy League.....

It feels weird. 6 years. wow. No more Blair & Chuck or Lonely Boy/Serena.

I'ma miss them. But I guess its time to grow up. Goodbye to my favorite characters Queen Blair & Chuck Bass.

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