Adventure on Standby


So i had this uber lovely post created about my upcoming trip to NYC. Yet due to weather & American Airlines weve been HAD. We missed our connecting flight. This is a first experience for us. Yay. Im not as perturbed as i thought but i am perturbed...if that makes any sense.

No flight until evening tomorrow and with no family in Chicago, i guess well hole up in a hotel and eat pizza.

And apparently they dont give vouchers for hotels O_O!!! At Dulles they do.

So now we are sitting in Chicago a bit bummed playing the game of "call my name" for Standby. Wouldnt it be our luck for only one of us to make the plane....

11: 12am:

We are ANTSY! So ready to go! On standby for a different flight to Laguardia and our original flight was to Westchester County Airport. Our rental car will hold for us until midnight unless were delayed further..... so now we wait to see if well get on the flight.. the only missing item is our checked bagged

Three things i learned thus far:
flight attendants battle over jump seats to LA.
Christmas traveling is insane and utterly irrational.
Either way were gonna have to hustle to figure out manuvering from Laguardia to HPN....and what an adventure that will be


Foiled again! We are now on our third plane for standby


The third time is the charm :) 

Idk if were still doing NYC tho. :(

Updates soon.

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