The Struggle: graduate assistantships

So no one told me the hardest part of graduate school is seeking out assistantships. Mind you the degree of difficulty to spell assistant correctly. My eyes ache from scouring KSU's departments, offices, and when I call... of course I've missed the deadline or they have none, or its filled, or they have no idea.

Imagine trying to convince an undergraduate that I am saying it right and no I don't want you to transfer me. I'm waiting on several phonecalls..but I'm mostly in awe that there is no centralized website listing all the grad-ships


I was so happy a week ago to be accepted now I'm wondering what the heck did I just do? School doesn't start till January and I already feel like a headless chicken. Well time to go make more calls/read The Hobbit.

No longer anticipating my masters.

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