Guilty Paradise

Sam (the hubby) is watching a Mike Epps stand up comedy show... so far I'm not impressed. Granted my attention is more focused on deciding between hostels & guesthouses for my Southeast Asia adventure. May 29-June 3 I'll  be splitting my time between Cebu, Philippines & Bangkok, Thailand with one of my bff's PT.

I'm super excited but my excitement is also tinged with guilt. Before we got married Sam was planning to visit Togo with his elder sister but we decided to put the trip on hold due to unknown finances, and also I might've been secretly envious that Sam would be off adventuring while I'd be stuck in the states.

Skip to a few months later and I've convinced PT to fly out to SK for a couple weeks and in turn she asked for some Asian country hopping. Sam than surprised me with purchasing my ticket to Cebu as an early 25th bday gift, which is super awesome. Unfortunately and quite typical, I took advantage of Sam's gift and also purchased a quick trip to Bangkok........ eeeeeekkkk

After a mind altering discussion about sacrifices, equality, awareness of finances, etc, etc... including me attempting to cancel or sell my Bangkok tickets... we came to an agreement. I'm still going on my trip .....yay! I know PT was nervous and upset when I messaged her with the dramatics.

So I'm excited for Southeast Asia... but now after spending 455$ for Cebu (Cebupacific.com) & 380 for Bangkok (expedia.com) --both roundtrip-- I'm doing crazy research on how to keep my overall spending under 1500$...

Seriously for lodging & food & the occasional tour... I'm pretty sure I can keep my spending under $600 .. if I can't than there is something wrong me. Actually I'm going to make that $400 .. if my research is right than the Philipines/Thailand cost of living is pretty cheap... and eating street food is like $3 a day. Hmm maybe I can make this work. I know how to backpack...

The only thing standing in my way is PT's love for comfort --resorts-- lol .. but with a little convincing I think we can make it happen. :)

So it's 37 days till our adventure and I'll try my best to keep the blog updated. I have a new laptop so that makes life easier...

Ps... my new fave travel blog, featuring married couple Asia & Russell who blog their Asian travels--providing me with so much inspiration http://www.ourfirst100days.com/blog/

Pss... Little Monsters--- Only 5 days until the LADY GAGA BORN THIS WAY BALL... going with my Sam of course :) have no idea what to wear.. double of course!!

Psss---Saturday night 70s/80s Party with my friends.. Add me on facebook for more pics

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