The Born This Way Ball - Seoul

I'm such a negligent little monster! I was wrapped up with my procrastination, that I missed the calling of Mama Monster!

2/27/12 At 12pm Korean Time, tickets went on sale for the Born This Way Ball, and I missed out!!! So now I'm stuck in the B section, 3rd floor Side 10. in Row 16. seats 9-10 .... well I'm not that sad ...my tickets were 55,000Won a piece.

Yes I bought two tickets, one for my husband and one for me. If he doesn't get to attend than perhaps one of my lovely friends will join me... I am somewhat hurt that I wasn't able to buy standing, which would potentially provide me with access to the Monster Pit!! But than again those tickets are 125,000 Won. lol

For more info check out this website... or Gaga's fb link to the BTWB in Seoul!


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