Just realized I need a Swimsuit

No couch surfing or exclusive inexpensive rentals on the beach or staying at the cheapest motels.

Yesterday Sam said --in reply to my wanting to couchsurf- "No, because I don't want to have Matt Laurer asking me Why didn't I stop you or do more, when they find your body chopped up in small pieces. So you can get fussy but I'd rather you find a inexpensive quality hostel and stay there vs sleeping on somone's couch."

Cute right?

It's weird to have someone worried for you. Concerned about your well-being 24/7. It's also strange that there is another person who gets to make life-decisions with/for you. Sam has been telling me "No" and "I don't like that" quite a bit recently. So we sat down yesterday and talked this out.

Before when we were dating I lived 2 hours away and I traveled all the time. Visiting people, attending local events/parties, and random sleepovers --if the train had already stopped.

After we got married my travels slowed down a lot. To focus on the marriage and build a foundation. It was super hard and distressing because I like my freedom and I love traveling. Of course you can imagine the heated debates centered on these two words; freedom/travel. Yet, Sam and I are trying to compromise and I think this SE Asia adventure trip (I really need to think of a cooler name) is going to be a huge test.

Ps. In other news my ipod touch is broke AGAIN. The screen buttons wasn't working and so I tried to fix it... and now it looks quite disgusting.

Pss. I really need to finish up my grad school course. This was by far an easy class but I didn't do well in it. I'm sure I'll be getting a C, but hopefully it'll be a low B. I'm not going to ask the professor for extra credit, mainly because I chose not to apply myself and I wallowed in procrastination. It sucks but hey thats how the cookie crumbles. I'm realizing graduate school is nothing like undergraduate.

Psss. Couchsurfing like all hostels, hotels, motels, guesthouses, can be quite dangerous if you don't do your research. Check out the legit non-profit website and read up on the members who offer a bed/room/cot to travelers. I know several people who have CS'd in the states/abroad and they had a great experience. http://www.couchsurfing.org/

Pssss. Anyone know of any inexpensive but cute one piece or tankinis?


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