You Must Be Deaf: Korean Hip-Hop

Ok for the past 90 days I've been complaining about the lack of cultural activities that I could gravitate too. Granted I haven't searched out these activities--being under the stupid American mindset that, people should advertise the events in English or market it to foreigners.

But I'm over that idea. I'm totally down for searching out this ish... now that I've attended an Improv Show & the 2011 B-Boy World Championships, included w/ a mini-concert featuring Drunken Tiger or Tiger JK & his awesome wife Tasha! I'm starting to become OBSESSED w/ them!
A lot of the music is in Korean, but I love their-- must I say it...AGH---- SWAG & tone of voice! Low-key when they were performing I originally thought they were the South Korean version of the Fugees!!

I'm really all about Tasha. When I saw her perform and felt her energy. I just felt transported. She was too hype! Oh and while I was looking her music up on youtube.. found out that she was bi-racial.. Surprising that she's doing so well or even well-known in the homogenous society of South Korea.
Check out their music!

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