"I will tear my clothes off for Putin."... Awkward Much??

"In a case of naked political ambition, female fans of Vladimir Putin are being urged to strip down to show their support for the Russian prime minister. Supporters launched an online campaign asking young women to take it all off for Putin, who is mulling a bid to retake the Russian presidency.

A video featuring a brunette student named Diana appeared on a lawmaker's site on Sunday, London's Telegraph reported. The woman wearing a suit takes out a white top and writes on it, "I will tear my clothes off for Putin."

Then she starts to strip. The group behind the video, which identifies itself as "Putin's Army," said its goal is to show that Putin is supported by "beautiful, young and smart girls." The campaign promises girls a chance to win an iPad2 if they strip for Putin before the vote next March.

"Every girl will be on the Internet - a star!" the site promises. Putin now has a traditionally ceremonial position in the Russian government but is widely considered a major decision-maker. He was the country's president from 2000-2008 before his handpicked successor took over

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