PT 3: Black VS African-American VS American

Ash: "Racially it is different. Charlize Theron is an ACTUAL African American. The new Princess of Monaco is also an African. They don't look black to me..."

Jos: "that’s not what I mean and those kinds of people aren’t why the term African American was created. Black by definition has to do with the fact that your ancestors are from Africa you have RACIAL origins there. Charlice Theron wasn't born in American at all, she just lives here now lol. Her people's origins are in Europe. So really she's African European"

Tierra: "Jos I know what you're trying to say, I disagree with your last point only. I think Ant cleared it up best. If I can remember correctly, my biology teacher in high school put it like this:

Race = the color of your skin

African/American= nationality

Culture= ethnicity

You can identify as Black because of your skin, be American, but your ethnicity be Dominican, such as my friend Vasti. Beyond that, I think it's stupid to expect someone to look at you from the outside and be able to figure out "what" you are. "Oh, I’m not black, I'm southern, American and my great grandma is Irish." GTFOH."

Jos: "Well agree to disagree. Although the term African American may be a little inaccurate, I don’t dislike it because it associates me with Africa or African culture. I look the way I do mostly because of my African Ancestors. It may have been ...a while ago that my great great great whoever came across the ocean but that’s still the biggest part of me. And there ARE cultural differences.

The way we dance, and sing and some of the foods we prepare are based on cultural ways of life in Africa. Yes we’ve made our own culture here but I recognize the similarities and I’m proud of them. At the End of the day I'm American and I do think it's annoying that you don't hear white people call themselves European American. For some reason we have the additive on our nationality."

Ant: "Ash I understand your argument but you're arguing over semantics. You can argue over the name if you want but you are categorically an African-American. You are an African-American because you are black, your ancestry goes back to Africa and due to history you can't pinpoint where.

And African isn't an ethnicity anymore than European or North American. It's a name used to describe anyone living on the continent of Africa. Ibo is an ethnicity, Ashanti is an ethnicity, Ethiopian, Nubian those are ethnicities. The people you named are African by virtue of where they live, but that is not their ethnicity."

Jos: "maybe the issue was that the black race and white race are colors, while every race in between gets to be associated with a continent or whatever. Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino/Hispanic, Native etc, maybe some people didn't want to be called black because their skin isn't technically black"

Ash: "Ant, I totally get that and what I'm saying is that society is wrong because they're too stupid to realize that we as a group aren't African. I just get annoyed by the hyphenated American thing."

Ant: "AFRICAN IS NOT A CULTURE!!!! Would people stop implying that 20% of the world’s landmass home to over 25% of the world’s population, over 200 languages, hundreds of ethnic group and thousands of customs is one abstract culture."

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