What to Wear to a Military Homecoming + LOOKBOOK

Hey Gypsies!

It's about that time for deployment to end and what better way to prepare then by showcasing a lookbook of 3 potential outfits to wear for the military homecoming ceremony! So in my quest to find the outfit to wow my husband, I began to wonder... What do people typically wear to homecomings? Is it the same stressor as searching for your dress for the military ball? Is there a list of do's and don'ts. Eventually, I realized that, like most things in life, everyone will have an opinion and it's up to the you to take it with a pinch of salt/sugar.

My top 5 tips on - What to Wear to a Military Homecoming!

1. Keep it Tasteful -- that's open ended, basically if you can't bend over to grab your sign or your kid without flashing your booty, maybe you should re-think the situation.

2. Walk like a Model-- If you are deadset on wearing those 5 inch stilettos, then by all means -- but please, please practice! You have 6-8 months to get it together, so no wobbling around like a drunk deer.

3. Save the Ta-Ta's --  literally and figuratively, this plays on #1, bending over and I can see nippage... errmmm I can't deal! Nothing wrong with a bit of cleavage, but your boobs should not be fighting with your top.

4. Minimal Makeup Sunglasses -- I will be sobbing like a sad sally, I can't deal with emotions. I'm getting mad just thinking about it! So I won't be rocking a full face but will definitely have some lipstick & waterproof mascara handy, which will result in good-ish pictures. Oh and I will be "that girl" wearing sunglasses in-doors. Did I mention, that I just can't deal?!

5. Be comfortable! If it feels wrong, don't do it. Simple as that. You'll be standing around & waiting for however long, so do it in comfort.

Alright gypsies! Check out my lookbook for my 3 looks -- let me know which one you like the best! Don't forget to comment, subscribe, share, and like this video + blog!

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