Tallyho! All Aboard to Germany! ..again

May 25- Moved to Germany
June 7- Got job at the gas station
June 8- Started said job. Now I'm sponsored by the military to be in Germany
June 15- Got my German drivers licence
June 19- Will receive my car to drive in Germany

ANSWERS to the SILENT questions:

-I have a place to stay. My friend C, her husband deployed so she opened her home to me.

---My homeboy is deploying and he's letting me borrow his card; he's gonna continue paying for insurance, gonna give me money for new breaks, and putting me on registration. Basically he's gonna get a power of attonery. ...

He didn't wanna put his car in storage and he knew I was gonna need a car. So it works out.

---I'd rather work a mininum wage job in Germany, with the opporunity to visit Greece or Spain for a 4 day weekend than being in Ohio with my application/resume on hold.

---I put in 100$ for groceries, dont have to pay for anything but gas for my car, my extra things, but I'm not going to be a taker. I help out around the house and watch her kids to give her a break.

---And as for my next step. Taking everything day by day. Not stressing and enjoying life. I've been extremely blessed.

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