My eye keeps Twitching

Ever since I've come back from Puerto Rico my eye twitches. It happens when I see things that make me sad/mad. It can happen randomly. I can happen when I feel perfectly fine. I think it happens when I'm stressed and agitated. When I'm confused. It happens all the time. I can't get it to stop. The twitching has become noticeable to others. It happens on my left eyelid.

What is wrong with me. I can't study. I have one more exam tomorrow morning. Studying is far from my mine. All I need is an 80 to maintain my B in the class. I have a 3.4 for the semester. I just feel like its worthless. I don't even feel like sleeping. I don't feel like eating. I don't even really feel like drinking and I love to sip on alcohol.

Grr. I just want the semester to end. I just wish I knew the answers. I just want to go swimming.

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