Creative Imaginings: The Story of an Hour- Kate Chopin

Sometimes I feel as if my life is closed and I can't open it. I'm in my Senior year, graduating in August. But I can't open the doors. I feel unfulfilled. I've accomplished much. I have an average gpa and my resume is nice.

As I've been told I look good on paper. But I can't open the doors. I'm not the type to have a pity person and bemoan the horrors that life has done to me. I'm a bit to logical for that. Yet I can't open my life.

Kate Chopin wrote a stellar short story "The Story of an Hour" which is basically about how Mrs. Mallards life was empty, closed, stifling, and she was married to top it off.

Than she receives news that her husband has died. Suddenly a weight is lifted off her shoulders and she s free. Chopin writes, “…the tops of trees… with the new spring life”, literally trees are here to help us breathe and the new spring life, is seasonally talking about the recovering of the land after the harshness of winter.

However figuratively in Mrs. Mallard’s case the trees and the new spring life are symbolic for renewal or for starting her life over, now that her marriage has ended. Mrs. Mallard's can begin a new life.

So, Chopin gives more images about how great life could/can be for Mrs. Mallards than something interesting happens. In walks a man. The man is Mr. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard has a heart attack and dies.

The doctor and Mr. Mallard believe the heart attack came because Mrs. Mallards was overjoyed. Ha. Silly men.

Mrs. Mallard only found a new way to enjoy her freedom. Which is completely ironic because she was so close to freedom (because her husband died) only to have it quickly taken away (because he is alive) and it makes you think that the only true way for Mrs. Mallard to be free was through her own death.

I don't want that to be me. I want to live my life, I don't want the doors closed, I want freedom. I've latched onto the saying "Carpe Diem" Latin for Seize the Day.

Because I don't want to be Mrs. Mallard so I keep trying to open the door. I just wonder what doors will open and if they open soon because I'm becoming quite anxious.

So that's all the poignant things I have to say in my first entry.

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