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Hey Kids,

Today I woke up with the urge to discard my sweats and hoodies. I miss my street fashion. This afternoon I attended a random "meet & greet" at Starbucks. The "meet & greet" was so Army Wives could get to know each other. Most of the wives knew each other via facebook, and I knew some through the Wine Parties I've  attended since arriving in Kansas. It was an okay event. Nothing spectacular. Like at all. I only stayed for 1.5 hours, than got popeyes with a wife I met there. Popeyes was not a good idea. 800 frickin calories!!! I feel like there is a stone in my belly.

So I'm off to Total Body X: I haven't worked out in 2 days so I know I will be hurting!! :)


Sunglasses from Barcelona, Earrings from Seoul, Ribbon-thrifted

Purse- thrifted in Seoul

skirt is really tanktop! <-- boots-www.shoebuy.com="boots-www.shoebuy.com" lol="lol" td="td" tights-idk="tights-idk">
leather jacket-from Munich, shirt-thrifted in Seoul

Thanks to the hubby for taking the majority of the pictures :)

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