Plump No More

Hey Friends. It's been a super long minute since I've come to express myself on here. So here are the grains of it all. I've gotten lazy and put on some weight. Disgusted with this turn of events I'm turning over a new leaf.

Isn't that typical of most girls. Loose weight. Gain weight. No one wants to be fat. It's unseemly. I personally can't take the way my body has become. I don't hate myself but I know I can do better. I have my future to think of and I'm super out-of-shape and I want to be healthier.

So in celebration of the upcoming return of my favorite season .. AUTUMN.. I'm engaging in a new workout plan.

No more:
Fried Foods.
Fast food-- McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell -so sad :(
French Fries-- I had to put this down to remind myself that even if it's oven baked.
Pop/Soda- I only drink Mountain Dew or Sprite..but it's fattening so no more!
I'm also cutting back on the Pork--this is gonna be hard in South Korea.

Later on I'll post a work-out routine. But it'll mostly consist of walking, jogging, ... but I'ma search youtube for some fun routines like belly dancing or yoga..

Ugh This is so boring. lol

WISHLIST:Skinnier Thighs
Flatter stomach
Toned arms,
Angular face,
Clearer skin, t
Thicker & longer hair--retaining my hair is a huge problem!

Current Weight: 170.4 ---- Anticipated Weight: 130

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